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Why Choose Hansberry Electrical Contractors?

At Hansberry Electrical, we place the safety of you and your family as our highest priority. Our reputation for delivering top-quality electrical work and fastastic service is built on a consistent track record of happy homeowners and loyal clients. Rely on certified and experienced electricians servicing Ballajura for all your electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs. We are backed by over 13 years of experience in the electrical industry. Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring the maximum protection for you, your household and place of work.

Residential Lighting Service And Lighting Installs By Electrical Ballajura

Lighting Installs Electrician Ballajura

At Hansberry Electrical, we make sure to stay on top of the latest advancements in lighting technology. This allows us to offer you a wide range of energy-efficient lighting solutions that not only reduce your operating costs but also deliver exceptional durability. Our team of experts is highly skilled in installing various indoor and outdoor lighting options, ensuring that we can cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for stylish pendant lights, efficient LED downlights, or functional outdoor lighting, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the perfect lighting solution for your space.

General Electrical Ballajura

Our team at Hansberry Electrical Contractors are extremely efficient and communicative when providing electrical services at your home. We take time to understand your wants, needs, and budget to ensure you receive exactly what you’re after. We cover all general electrical needs and help with services such as:

Residential Rcd Service And General Electrical By Electrician Ballajura

Safety Switches (RCDs) and Smoke Alarm Testing

At Hansberry Electrical Contractors, the comfort and safety of you and your family in your home is our highest priority.We recognise the importance of regular maintenance for smoke alarms and safety switches to ensure compliance with safety regulations. It is highly recommended that both residential and rental properties undergo maintenance every six months to ensure the optimal functionality of these crucial safety devices.

When it comes to buying or selling a home, it is mandatory to engage a licensed electrician to conduct the necessary electrical inspection in your area of Ballajura

At Hansberry Electrical Contractors, we offer comprehensive RCD and smoke alarm testing services for homes and workplaces throughout Ballajura, providing you with the peace of mind that your electrical systems are in compliance with safety standards.

Rewiring Electrician Ballajura

If your residential property was constructed prior to 1975, it is advisable to consider rewiring your home or workplace. Outdated wiring systems pose significant dangers, including the risk of electric shocks, wire overheating, and potential fire hazards. By undertaking a rewiring project, these risks can be effectively mitigated, while also resulting in reduced electricity costs through the installation of modern, secure, and efficient wiring. 

To determine whether your property requires rewiring, it is recommended to engage the services of a licensed and qualified electrician in Ballajura who can conduct a thorough inspection and review of your premises. Additionally, as part of our rewire service at Hansberry Electrical Contractors, we offer the convenience of organising patching and painting, eliminating the need to engage separate contractors for these additional tasks.

Air Conditioning Service And Fault Finding By Electrical Ballajura

Fault Finding Electrician Ballajura

Maintaining the safety of your home is extremely important, and one effective approach is to establish a routine for regular electrical inspections. These inspections play a critical role in identifying any possible faults that may arise in your electrical appliances and wiring. It is imperative to never underestimate or neglect electrical faults, as they can lead to grave consequences, even resulting in loss of life.

Therefore, if you notice any irregularities or abnormalities within your residence, it is essential to promptly seek assistance from our team . By adopting a proactive stance and promptly addressing any electrical issues that arise, you contribute significantly to safeguarding the security of your home and the well-being of its occupants.

Do you need a residential electrician to assess your home?

We can provide a safety inspection and detailed 5 page report for the safety of your home and service the Ballajura area.

New Homes and Renovations Electrician Ballajura

At Hansberry Electrical, we establish strong collaboration with your builder during the planning phase. By having early access we’re able to assist in producing a superior result through early intervention (when required) and having a thorough understanding of the intended outcomes. We also offer expertise and support for your renovation or extension projects. Our primary focus is on ensuring safety regulations are considered and met, thereby placing the well-being of you and your family as our top priority.

Residential Rcd Box For New Homes And Renovations By Electrician Ballajura

Communication/Data and Free-to-air Cabling Electrician Ballajura

If you need to install free-to-air cabling and communication data points throughout your entire home we would love to help. We understand it can be difficult finding or moving phone, internet, and television cabling, however that is our forte. Reach out to discuss if our comprehensive range of communication and data services will suit your needs:

Maintenance Electrician Ballajura

Are you familiar of the importance of regular inspections for your smoke alarms and electrical circuits to ensure they function optimally? Safeguarding the safety of your home and loved ones relies heavily on essential electrical maintenance.

However, it is common for routine checks to slip our minds, which is precisely why Hansberry Electrical Contractos provides convenient maintenance plans. Our team will visit your home twice a year to conduct comprehensive examinations of your electrical components. This diligent approach minimises the chances of electrical faults and guarantees a safe living environment for you and your family.

Reach out to our team via the button below and we’ll get in touch about how our maintenance plan is ideal for your home. For air conditioning please see our air conditioning services page.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services Ballajura

Ballajura is located 14 km north of Perth CBD, in the City of Swan local government area. 
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If you are located in Ballajura, our team at Hansberry Electrical Contractors can help. Assisting with all your electrical needs, we cover both indoor and outdoor electrical installation, maintenance, and repairs to keep your home in a safe condition for you and your family.


“Ben spent 3 days rewiring my house after coming out to inspect a faulty switch at night. Very professional and explained everything and showed me any faults that he found. Definitely recommend him for any electrical work”

Yvonne Mcl.

“Was able to do the job at short notice, charged a very reasonable price and was super helpful in explaining options. Will definitely use his services again!”

Sallie T.

“Ben and his team were wonderful. On time, honest and went above and beyond. Definitely recommend them.”

Coffin F.

“Very happy with the service I received today, professional and friendly. Will definitely use again in the future”

Kristy A.

“Ben was efficient, tidy and his work was of an excellent standard. I would recommend him to a friend.”

Elise O'R.

“Had a lot of electrical work carried out by Ben he was very thorough and left the house tidy and neat. Competitive pricing too. Thanks Ben.”

Noeleen S.

“I would highly recommend Ben for any work. He is friendly, reliable and he went above and beyond to help get my electrical work sorted today.”

Sheral M.

“Ben was very reliable, honest and professional. Definitely recommend him for any and all electrical work.”

Renee L.

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