Fault Finding

House Rewiring and Electrical Inspection Perth

Having your house rewiring inspected do not only you reassurance that all is suitably functioning but also ensures your ultimate safety. Rewiring contains several tasks such as inspecting and replacing damaged electrical sockets, cables, ceiling roses, light switches, etc. Attempting to do these inspection and repair services on your own can be very dangerous. So, it’s better to leave the tasks to qualified house rewiring professionals in Perth.Our electricians and technicians have been rewiring both residential and commercial properties for more than 20 years & have vast industry experience & specialize in carrying out electrical safety inspection, rewiring fault finding jobs across Perth. We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled electrical fault inspection services & make effort to eliminating any inconvenience

Importance of house rewiring:

  • Improper electrical inspections
  • Insurance requirements
  • Rewiring is essential еvеrу 20 to 25 years approximately
  • Overheating or buzzing noises frоm electrical sockets
  • Electricity оr electrical appliances suddenly stop functioning іn many areas оf thе house.
  • Continuous issues ѕuсh аѕ consistent blowing fuses & tripping RCDs
  • Lights flickering
  • Black rubber-coated, old or outdated wiring

Our service area

  • Northern suburbs
  • Southern suburbs
  • Eastern suburbs
  • Western suburbs
  • And most country areas for larger projects

From a complete electrical fault check to house rewiring and earthing system up-gradation, we bring a spectrum of electrical safety inspection services tо enhance efficiency & safety оf уоur property in Perth. Call us to get instant assistance.

When Should You Rewire A House?

‘Out of mind, out of sight and just because its working’ does not mean your electrical wiring of your home is safe, don't put your families lives at risk,
If you have any:
-Tingling or have received an electric shock in your taps or plumbing fixtures.
-Can smell any burning.
-See any sparking in your switching or outlets.
-If your power keeps tripping out.
-Fuses blow regularly.
-Your RCD's won't reset.
-If you suspect dodgy wiring may have been carried out in your home by a previous owner.
These are some indications of an electrical fault and you must contact a licienced electrician as soon as possible.